Veterans face their own set of unique issues when it comes to health conditions. These highly debilitating conditions must be addressed and treated as many healthcare professionals are seeking to promote awareness of these symptoms that can often lead to suicide. Finding viable mental health treatment that doesn’t come with more significant side effects is vital for veterans so that they can lead normal lives after serving their communities.

CBD Treatments for Veterans

The most common medical issues that affect veterans of all ages include:

  • Mental health or behavioral adjustment disorders: 41% of veterans are diagnosed with either a mental health or behavioral adjustment disorder. CBD has been shown to help patients cope with various mental health issues, providing a natural remedy that doesn’t interfere with other medications or causes further symptoms.
  • Substance use disorders: Veterans are at a much higher risk for substance use disorders often due to the many stresses they have to endure during their military service. Recent preclinical research regarding CBD and addiction have shown that CBD is effective in reducing relapse rates and helping patients successfully subdue the urge of taking drugs or drinking.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: Veterans are four times more likely to be diagnosed with PTSD than non-military based citizens. This incapacitating disorder lacks effective pharmaceutical treatments without side effects and can really degrade the quality of life. Studies have shown that patients suffering from PTSD have low levels of anandamide, an endocannabinoid referred to as the “bliss molecule”. CBD helps increase anandamide levels which helps treat PTSD.
  • Traumatic brain injury: TBI is one of the leading causes of death worldwide for individuals under 45 and affects a much higher rate of veterans. Scientists have been able to successfully reduce brain injury in animal experiments with CBD, leading to further studies regarding CBD as a viable treatment for TBI.
  • Depression: Depression is the most common mental health disorder that veterans face– approximately 14% of veterans are currently diagnosed with depression. CBD has been renowned for their antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties, providing a great treatment alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Suicide: 18 to 22 veterans commit suicide daily in the United States, making this a pertinent issue. CBD alleviates root mental health problems that can lead to suicide among veterans.
  • Chronic pain: 82% of veterans report chronic pain. Since veterans have a much higher rate of substance use disorders, opiates are a terrible treatment plan. CBD offers non-addictive, natural treatment for chronic pain. The acclaimed pain management qualities of CBD offers a sustainable treatment method for veterans suffering from this disorder.
  • Amputations: The mental health injuries alongside body image issues stemming from amputations can create barriers for employment and in social settings. CBD offers treatment for these mental health injuries alongside helping veterans cope with pain and body image.
  • Hazardous exposures: Veterans are exposed to many hazardous chemicals, radiation, air pollutants, warfare agents, occupational hazards, and noise that increase the risk of long-term health complications. The endocannabinoid system plays a leading role in lung health– CBD may improve respiratory health by improving the function of the endocannabinoid system. The anti-inflammatory and immuno-suppressant effects of CBD decreases inflammation within lungs which may help repair these hazardous exposures.

CBD Products for Veterans

Our entire CBD product line can be utilized in treating all these health conditions that veterans face. Our tinctures and isolates deliver immediate pain relief alongside mental health aid. Our gummies and isolate can also be administered orally for treatment of these unique health concerns.

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